Daycare at Brazos Paws

We offer doggie daycare here at Brazos Paws Pet Resort & Daycare to give your beloved furbaby an enriching experience.

Pets in our program play the day away with us and their tailored playgroups instead of waiting at home alone. 

Doggies Daycare contract members enjoy rewards:

We offer packages starting as low as $99/month

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Daycare Activities

Pool Time

With permission, pets enjoy a nice cool down in the pool!

Play Groups

Pups play with their friends in supervised, tailored play groups to ensure safe play.

Your fur babies get to enjoy the holidays, too, with party games and pup-friendly treats on us!

Daycare Information

Packages & More

We offer several packages starting at just $99/month!

Those packages are based on how many days a week you'd like your pet to attend daycare:

Drop off for our daycare members begins at 6:30 am and ends at 6:30 pm, giving your pet a full 12 hours (with doggy naps in between, of course) to play and connect with other pets. 

We accommodate all types of pets, so if your pup is anxious or otherwise picky in their play, we got you!

More questions? Contact us by calling our facility or coming in. We'll gladly answer any questions you have. 

Daycare Gallery

*The number of free boarding nights depends on the contract chosen by the client.